Fag Argento Srl, in conformity with the Italian Law n. 675/96 art .10 and further law revising, declares: according to the aforementioned law, the management of your personal data will be treated with correctness in order to protect your privacy and rights.

According to the article 10 of the abovementioned law, we inform that data you provide shall be electronically processed:

  1. All the data collected are aimed to the user registration and activation of an information service.
  2. The aforementioned data shall be either electronically processed or used for direct communication with the registered user, in conformity with the laws in force.
  3. Purpose of registration is to generate commercial opportunities specifically for the Fag Argento business.
  4. Data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties.

We inform you that your privacy authorization acceptance is required in order to enter the information service.

    We remind providing false data or information about a third person is illegal.

    The administrator of your private data is Mr. Ficosecco; Fag Argento Srl, via Linguetta 11/A 60027 – OSIMO (AN).

    For any arising dispute you should address to the administrator i.e. Fag Argento, according to the Italian Law n. 675/96 art .10 and further law revising.